Tourists are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time during lions' frenzied hunt

Most people can imagine that a lion hunting for food is probably an intense situation. However, tourists at Kruger National Park, got up close and personal with a couple of lions who saw an opportunity to capture unsuspecting buffalo.
The video depicts a herd of buffalo slowly walking towards the statuesque lions. It is obvious the buffalo can not see the camouflage predators that lay near an embankment. The lions wait for the perfect moment to attack and within seconds pounce toward their intended meal. The herd panics and in a moment of pure chaos runs straight into another tourist's vehicle.
The Kruger National Park is home to countless species. It's an area where people can view wildlife in a natural setting and things such as getting caught up a lion hunt is not exactly out of the question. The park classifies itself as "the real Africa" and situations such as this certainly prove that to be true!
It's not every day that you see a lion hunting up close! Check out the video to see for yourself.